Removing the whole VM layer

Hey guys, quick request for comments.

My fork of ioq3 is a full conversion and the whole VM layer is useless to it. I’m pondering getting completely rid of the VM layer. Before I just go ahead and start removing the VM code / changing the trap_ calls, I’d like to make sure I’m not doing something really stupid.

Do you guys have any thoughts about it? How doable would that be? Any issues you would foresee?


If I remember correctly the original Quake 3 1.32b source release has #ifdef Q3_STATIC for building VMs into the engine directly. Ripping VM layer out seems like it makes merging ioq3 changes more difficult with no benefits—unless you plan to switch to C++ game logic or something—but to each their own.

I’m kind of interested in using VMs for game versions independent of the engine, instead of only mods, but admittedly one would probably need to stabilize what their doing first.