Removing _GIT_ from build information

My server returns the following for its version: ioq3 1.36_GIT_c65d2c2-2017-04-28 linux-x86_64 May 15 2017

I’d much rather have it remove the GIT information from it and just simply display: ioq3 1.36 linux-x86_64 May 15 2017

I’ve removed the following from the Makefile. But, it’s still showing up when I compile it.

# Add git version info
ifeq ($(wildcard .git),.git)
  GIT_REV=$(shell git show -s --pretty=format:%h-%ad --date=short)
  ifneq ($(GIT_REV),)

Not sure why it’s showing May 15 either. I’ve modified the source code and recompiled it every day since then. Is the version cached somewhere that it’s displaying the old information and not the updated one with the proper date and removal of GIT info?

Open and save code/qcommon/common.c and code/client/cl_console.c so the version updates.

Perfect. Thank you!

I added the following lines to my shell script before running make to have the version update each time:

touch /home/q3/ioq3/code/qcommon/common.c
touch /home/q3/ioq3/code/client/cl_console.c

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