Re-texturing project


Ok, so I’ve set up the gl2renderer and it seems to be functioning.
I’m attempting to redo 100% of the textures in q3a, I’ve made about 50% of the base_ textures so far and I’m wishing to do spec/normal maps for the vast majority of them for the finished project.
My issue is that I don’t know how to go about a file system… So far ive been replacing textures in the pak0 file and editing the corresponding scripts also contained there.
However i would like to have a separate pk3 file that i can use soley for these new textures and scripts (like a propper mod that someone could download and place in their base folder).
How do i go about getting q3 to recognise this pk3, the textures and scripts contained and override its pak0 files?
Greatly appreciatiative of any help received :slight_smile:


Wait sorry, just discovered all i needed to do was place them in a new pk3 with the correlating texture folders and the engine somehow grabs them (I’m a tad new to this so my apologies to my… Naivety)


On a slightly similar note - is there a reason my brightness slider is in greyscale and cannot be adjusted? I tried messing with /r_gamma in the console, even changed the .cfg file but still nothing seems to be able to change the gamma/brightness in-game.


Its because of r_ignorehwgamma taking over gamma. Set it on 0 ant then vid_restart. I don-t know if 1 is hardcoded to the exe but I use it on autoexec.cfg


Cheers very much appreciated :slight_smile: