Question about IQM support

Hi guys!

Does ioquake3 support animated iqm models (for player models) and is there any guide on how to import them properly?

I have already tried importing md3 player models from Blender but exporting each model part separately is a long process and honestly skeletal animation looks better than vertex animation (plus I struggled to find a working md3 exporter for Blender…).


(I’ve tried asking on the live chat but didn’t got any reply)

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Oops, sounds like you missed the reply you got on the live chat,

My bad, I left the chat too soon. Thanks for the info.

How hard would it be to implement some XReaL features like cascade shadows (couldn’t get them working with the nightly build) or skeletal model with animations support?

Also, I think it would be more encouraging for people to create models/maps for the engine if there was a shader editor + viewer supporting new features such as normal maps. There is an existing one around (Q3ASE ) but it’s outdated.

I won’t add any additional info about that IQM question, it’s just that I thought a lot about it, and yeah, you would have to code a whole new cg_player.c function to handle a full body skeletal animated IQM model.

I never went down with testing the IQM exporter with the correct version of blender, so I was never actually able to see if you could actually play IQM animations. If someone managed to test this and answer the question, that would be a great !

And for the shader visualizer, yes that would be nice and would make life easier for newcomers. But as a long time mapper, I don’t really need such tool …