Q3 game mod programming links

I’ve found some buried info about Q3 programming tutorials, most of them are old and are in danger of extinction. It would be ok to retrieve them, otherwise the info can be lost.

  • Code3Arena and similar links of itself:

Code3Arena (index and main pages don’t work, but we can select some points from the index and go into them)


If anyone knows anything about this stuff, please feel free to share.

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More of Code3Arena and similar:


Crosslinking the topic: Quake3World.com • View topic - Code3arena down?

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There are interesting old modding tutorial stuff in these links.

  • Quake3hut (Q3 Center - Coding Tutorials):



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Sorry, if I posted posts with 2 links due to member trust level limitations.
I digged more stuff:

  • Quake 3 game-module documentation (Q3 programming dictionary/glossary):


  • The Reaction Factory - Quake III & Team Arena Tutorials (a dead site):


  • Q3 Documentation Project (a thread from a lost part of Quake3world forums):


  • Quake III: Team Arena menu guide (looks like focused in cgame, HUD and menu):


→ Code3Arena similar copies:



I recommend reading over this Quake 3 Source Code Review: Architecture it’s not :100: accurate to ioquake3 (we made some significant changes from the vanilla quake 3 code base) but it’s very helpful.

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Some more complex in-depth information, similar to Quake 3 Source Code Review: Architecture.

The Quake 3 bot is documented in “The Quake III Arena Bot” (118 pages) by J.M.P. van Waveren (alias Mr. Elusive, the Q3 bot programmer) at http://mrelusive.com/publications/pubs_bytype.html.

The Quake 3 renderer was discussed at GDC in 1999 by Brian Hook The Quake 3 Rendering Engine - Brian Hook - 1999 GDC - YouTube.

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