Parametric weapon mod / help!

Hello !

I’m currently working on a dirty game prototype for a contest, and I might need a bit of help !

in my game, the player handles only one weapon, but it’s characteristics will change as he picks up and plugs in some items.
Here are the 5 parameters :

  • precision / spread
  • number of bullets ( from one to ‘x’, so you can create some kind of shotgun)
  • power + speed
  • reload time
  • heat / cool-off speed

these parameters are basically ints, maybe floats, I don’t know yet.

Concretely, since I’m short on time, I was going to modify the machinegun to make it the “host” of this weapon …
… And that’s it, I don’t know where to go to continue !

Obviously these parameters have to be shared by client and server. In which struct should I host it ? Will putting it in gentity_t->entityState_t would be good ?

I’ll later have to manage an inventory for the player, I think that kind of data could be in the same place …

I’m sure I’ll have other questions coming ><

Thanks for reading, and sorry for my ignorance :slight_smile:

cheers !