Old mod to new ioquake3

I had a small mod back in the early days, and I’d like to bring it into the modern era. Can I simply mod the ioQ3 source as I did the original q3 source and post it? It’s 95% server side with a couple of graphical and sound assets


there are a few differences:

  1. any modifications done to GPL source must be released in kind when the mod is publicly available. This doesn’t include new assets like maps, sounds, levels, etc as long as they’re entirely new. New assets you make is under whatever license you want, new code that integrates with the released source must be under the GPL. This is true if you use any version of the quake 3/id tech source release since 2005.
  2. You have more options for how to mod the game with features we’ve added

If you’re already familiar with the original quake 3 mod sdk, you’ll have a fun time with ioquake3 and I’m excited to hear how your modernization project goes!