Ogg audio (MinGw)

Title says it all : I would like to use .ogg format for my music to save some space, but how do I switch this on when I compile ?

Thanks !

make USE_CODEC_VORBIS=1 or create a file named Makefile.local and put USE_CODEC_VORBIS=1 in it. Or you could use Ogg Opus (which is enabled by default) which should be better quality at same size vs Ogg Vorbis.

Hy there. I want to use Opus, or Ogg without new compiling. Is that possible?

ioq3 test builds have opus support enabled.

Why you dont enable OGG by default? Creating Opus files is terrible in Windows machines… And Opus… I never heard about it before. :smile:

I don’t know why Ogg Vorbis is not enabled.