Official opengl es support?

So I finally bought some crappy ARM SoC in the hope to be able to see my ARM VM in action. Unfortunately on ARM openGL ES seems to be required for hardware acceleration. So while ioq3 compiles and even starts just fine it’s dog slow as it uses normal openGL :frowning:

Looks like everyone and their dog ported ioq3 or one of it’s many forks to various kinds of ARM machines, Android etc. That means openGL ES one way or another. Unfortunately none of that went “upstream”. I don’t know the first thing about openGL though so I’m lost :frowning: This pull request here seems to be rather recent, the “only” missing bit seems to be the port to SDL2:

Is there anyone out there who could clean up the mess so we finally get official openGL ES support into ioq3?

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