My Configuration Changes Aren't Being Saved on Linux

Hello. Thanks for helping!

I want to create some custom configuration, bind some buttons etc.
But when I edit q3config.cfg at ~/.q3a after launching the game it rewrites the file with the default configuration data…
So I can’t even open the console. None of my configuration stay saved.
What can I do to fix it?

To be clear the file name is ~/.q3a/baseq3/q3config.cfg not ~/.q3a/q3config.cfg.
You can also put commands in ~/.q3a/baseq3/autoexec.cfg which the game won’t overwrite.

Shift+Escape should open the console.

Try a recent test build.


Ya, I started editing the file by hand, and then making it *Right Click, Properties, Read Only check box!

Thansk man. It worked!!!

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