Long config files are lost

Hi! I play in defrag and I need a config for 650-700 lines (commands), but if I write it for more than 630 (or so), then that config is used, which is located in the Baseq3 folder. Of course I replace the folder in ~/.q3a/defrag. Maybe someone encountered this?

As far as I know, Config files in Quake 3 are limited to 16KB in size, for anything more than that and you’ll have to either make a refferance to exec the next config in your main q3config.cfg or add a refferance to it in an autoexe.cfg.

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If running exec q3config.cfg in the console says Cbuf_InsertText overflowed then the config file is too long. Try upgrading to an ioquake3 test build which has a 128KB command buffer instead of 16KB.