Missing texture files

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I’m working on making q3 .bsp load/render functions for my game engine and consitently coming across missing texture files.

I’ve got q3 and q3 team arena files all in the right place, my code looks for both .jpg and .tga versions of the files listed in the textures entry in the .bsp so i dont get where i’ve gone wrong…anyone have any ideas?

Mydev thread : https://www.qb64.org/forum/index.php?topic=2769.0

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A lot of surfaces use Quake 3 shaders (material names) instead of a single image file. See scripts/*.shader (text files) in Quake 3 and Team Arena pak0.pk3 and Quake 3 shader manual.

Quake 3 checks if shader exists before image file. It’s possible for a shader to not use the image file with the same name.


Many thanks for the reply, it helped cause i found a few more files now! Still there are some missing, i can’t find any shaders or files that match the given filenames so i’ve made dump of the files that are missing hoping someone can point me in the right direction!



They are just regular shaders. textures/gothic_trim/border6_trans is in gothic_trim.shader. Maybe you need to convert \ to / for your look up? flareShader is in gfx.shader. No idea what issue for that might be.

I’m not sure what using noshader but I don’t think it’s real. I would guess a non-rendered collision surface.

Make sure you skip C /* multi-line comments */ and C++ // comments in the shaders though.


Youre a diamond my man! Thank you! I havent got so far as using shaders in GL but i’m sure i’ll get my head round it eventually! :slight_smile:
As for the \ and / my code actually has to convert the / to \ as thats what the language uses.

Dont suppose you know anything about Md3 Models? My renderer has VERY dody animations!

Thanks again and i’ll be sure to roirt back once i’ve either pulled all my hair out or got this working!


You’re welcome. Glad to help. Yes, I am familiar with MD3 models.