Lights getting cut in GL2 renderer

Lights are being cut when using the GL2 renderer. What would cause this?

Here is another shot.

I can’t reproduce this with the plain Quake 3 VMs:

Is the mod you’re using doing anything out of the ordinary, for example projecting its own light textures?

No, but I do have normalmapping/specular/parallax/r_dlightmode 1 all enabled with proper textures. Something your screen doesn’t seem to show there.

r_basenormal set lower then default helps. ~0.2. Setting to 1 makes the cutoff stronger.

Mind passing a link to these textures? With the built-in r_genNormalMaps on I still don’t get the effect you’re seeing.

I will find somewhere to upload them tomorrow. Most are q3 originals ran through ShaderMap pro so I won’t post them publicly but will pm you a link tomorrow sometime.

Edit: Uploading off site now. Will be roughly 5gigs.

That seems excessive, how 'bout just the floor? :slight_smile:

Can’t remember which one it is. Clang dark maybe? Base Floor?

Already started that upload but I can grab just the floor as well. At least you can have something other then gennormals to test with.

I got your floor textures, but in the meantime I replaced that texture (clang_dark.tga) with one I made myself:

and with these I don’t see the problem either:

Edit: I’ve tried using your clangdark_nrm.tga and clangdark_spec.tga now, and I still get a nice circular dynamic light, so I have no idea what’s going on. :slight_smile:

Could you dump your lightall fp and vp to text and paste it here for me?

Only thing I have fooled with thus far is adding bindless texturing. I don’t recall doing anything to the shaders other then adding the bindless ext require to them.

But I have been tired lately >.<

My shaders are exactly the same as on github:

I must have edited them. My lights were brighter but even with the unmolested glsl shaders, still get a cut off. It doesn’t do it some places and does in others. So not real clear on it but if I find what is causing it then I will necro this thread and post if it was my fault or something else.

This 1080 hasn’t had the greatest luck with drivers either so I am going to run ddu and reinstall. Never know.

Oh, and you mentioned it to me in a PM, but you didn’t instantly necro this thread, so I’ll state it myself. :slight_smile:

The issue was the green channel in the normal maps being inverted. There are three possible fixes:

  1. Invert the green channel in the normal map.
  2. Use “normalScale 1 -1” in the normalmap/normalparallaxmap stage in the .mtr file.
  3. Set r_baseNormalY to -1. This affects all normalmaps.

Been busy today :stuck_out_tongue: