ioquake3 Server Performance


I’m trying to make “sv_lanforceRate” work for NOT only LAN players.
This would be really nice forcing this cvar work for Internet players too.
I hope it’s possible. Need help.


in the SV_UserinfoChanged

if ( Sys_IsLANAddress( cl->netchan.remoteAddress ) && com_dedicated->integer != 2 && sv_lanForceRate->integer == 1) {
	cl->rate = 99999;	// lans should not rate limit

Sorry for the late reply (over 4 years, LOL). I was looking to do the same and posted a similar question since no one got back to you:

Since no one replied to my question either, I forked the GitHub project and added a new sv_noRateLimit option that disables the rate limit for all players when enabled. Here’s my fork in case you (or anyone else) is interested:

But I found that that was not enough to get the best ping times, so I dug into the code a bit to understand what was happening.

The key was to decrease the delay between snapshots delivered to the clients. To do that, I increased the sv_fps value on the server (because that caps the frequency of snapshots) and also increased the “snaps” value in the client autoexec.cfg.

After playing with these values, I’ve got a pretty consistent 10 millisecond ping to the server when playing remotely, down from around 22 milliseconds. So yay for the over optimization team!