ioquake3 / ray tracing


I’ve seen that some years ago Stefan Reiter ported the basic GL renderer to use the CPU and ray tracing ( ).

I’ve taken the pacthes he posted ( ) and after some tinkering I managed to merge with current codebase, but then, when I was about to compile I realised that those need a very old version of LLVM (things have changed drastically in LLVM project over the last 6 years), so I tried to rebuild version 2.3 of LLVM but apparently I can’t.

Is there anybody willing to integrate this rendered into the available renderers?

I wanted to have this in place to then move towards a path-tracer but ofc I need the ray tracer working first…

Any idea is welcome!


Ps. If required I can provide the adapted patch files, but I trust anybody with minimal experience should be able to modify the patch file to comply with newer codebase (i.e. the old /renderer/ directory becomes /renderergl1/ …) and a couple of extended function calls. The issue is again the LLVM infrastructure…

Hi, is there anyone able to help me? :slight_smile: