Ioquake3 + openarena data

Hi everyone! For years, the OpenArena project has stopped, after the purchase of Bethesda ID Software, they had the nice idea to publish on Steam Quake III Arena, Quake Arena Live.

OpenArena has received new game content (completely free), it would be nice to implement the contents of OpenArena in ioquake3! users immediately have a complete game, very nice and the community can work on new models, new maps, textures, sounds and more.

Over the years I have created maps for Doom 2, and Quake III, I would be happy to see them in a nice integrated project (ioquake3 + openarena data).

The death of the OpenArena project really hurt me! ioquake3 has great potential, with new updates (widescreen? new fullscreen resolution settings?), open game data (openarena), and hi-res textures, it can compete with the recent fps arena.

Quake III Arena is the best fps arena ever made, fast, immediate, fun and immortal! if this project dies, part of me will die with him.

Greetings from a passionate class 77 veteran.

OpenArena 0.x is no longer under development but there is still private development towards an eventual new release (OA3).

Anyone can start a new game project based on OpenArena 0.8.8 data and bundle ioquake3 with it to make a complete game.

If you feel strongly about improving OpenArena 0.8.8 you could start and maintain a new game project based on it. Alternatively you could release your maps now (under “GPL version 2 or later” and “Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 or later”) so they could be added to similar projects in the future.

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I thank you for your answer.

I will definitely release my maps (Where? Here on the forum, or on my gitlab account?).

I am 41 years old, and my current dream is very simple: make a fork of ioquake3, with the addition of complete game data to create an open stand-alone game. Doom2 has the advantage of having many updated tools to create mods, maps and game content. Quake 3 Arena has Radiant as a level editor but I do not like it very much. My maps have been created and updated through Blender, there is a plugin to create maps for doom2 that I used to make some of my maps. Do you have any useful advice on which tool is best? it is possible to modify the in-game menu? (graphic).

I have experience with Blender, Wings3D, Gimp, Python, Lua, DoomBuilder, Slade, GTKRadiant, and Linux systems. So I have no problem adapting to something new.

My desire is to find passionate people able to collaborate with me on a project based on ioquake3. I’m not a C / C ++ programmer so I need the community.

Are the FPS Arena dead? ioquake3, Xonotic, Unreal Tournament, and the new Quake Champions are very active projects that are bringing to light the true masterpieces of the past.

It is worth creating a beautiful project to pass on to the new generations.

Thanks so much.

I’d certainly love to help, I’ve been slowly teaching myself modelling and texture creation over the past year and a bit (gimp and misfitmodel3D)
I’m afraid I know absolutely nothing about programming though :confused:

I found little information on the new project OA3 (new openarena), contact the developers to get adequate information.

quirkychirps A project is born from the passion and the will of everyone. Unfortunately, it is not possible to create a complete engine to make an old-school fps arena. Use Blender with excellent results, Gimp, and other softare. I have been researching for years, to find a light and specific game engine to make a small fps, but nothing! all generic game engines, very heavy and inadequate for my goal.

Using ID Tech 3 (Quake 3 Arena engine, OpenArena) for me is oversized (too complex). I would give anything to have a small engine similar to ID Tech 3, but easy, and suitable for the realization of a new cross-platform fps arena using my resources.

ioquake3 is very nice, it would be great to make a small engine based on this project that allows users to realize fps arena by exploiting the power of this game engine. Never gonna happen? exact! but I do not lose hope. With the new UT 4, Quake Champions and other modern fps current, perhaps the community resumes to love this genre finally creating a tool capable of fulfilling my dream.

Thank you all.

My whole thought pattern is that new games like unreal tournament 4 and quake champions is that they are trying to re-create the glory days of The first quake, Q2 and of course q3a - but they keep swinging and missing - what most people seem to want in these comunities is just to bring the simplicity and beauty up to a modern level (of which ioq3 is doing on the engine side) and i feel all we need to do now is give it a fresh new paint job that takes advantage of the engine improvements of ioq3. As for gimp I’ve been using it for about 6 years now, but only in the last year have I been using it pretty much every second day for hours on end - and blender… I don’t even know where to start - I just find using misfitmodel is so easy and straight to the point, but then again i haven’t taken much time to explore blender.

Most people? Most old-school players maybe. But are they in target scope? (money making)


OMG :scream::flushed::heart_eyes:

This project is impressive! and commercial? it’s simply fantastic! they have kept the spirit of Q3 Arena intact but with a new modern graphic engine. Interesting! very interesting! a project so open source we can also dream it at night (it would be so much to dream it). Obviously I’m ironic :sunglasses: Quake Live has reached an impressive level.

I feel like crying, these are true fps, competitive, endless gameplay, not the junk they sell today.