(io)quake3 developers for hire?

Looking at websites like peopleperhour, guru, … I found that there doesn’t seem to be any quake3/ioquake3 engine developers listed.
Are there any specialised websites that focus on game development (and specifically id tech 3 engines) ? Game developers at the sites listed can be found (which also have experience with C/C++, VisualStudio, CodeBlocks, …), but none seem specialised in idtech3 engine coding.
I’m looking for a (very cheap) coder to finish off MilitaryForces 2 (I put in effort in finishing the media, … but need someone for the coding).
MilitaryForces 2 makes use of the MilitaryForces game engine (which is a modified quake3 engine). It’s intented to be played under ioquake3.
See https://github.com/osfpsproject for the code, and at sourceforge you’ll find the media as well as further info -wikis- (https://sourceforge.net/projects/theosfpsproject/ )
Some further things that need to be done and which haven’t been described in detail at the wikis are mentioned at gitlab dot com