Instantly awaiting gamestate

With q3/ioq3, it normally takes 3 seconds for the “awaiting challenge” message to turn into awaiting gamestate. However, there are servers like ( where it instantly connects.

There’s also a fork of ioq3 called Quake3e which has it so its dedicated server connects clients instantly too.

I was wondering how to achieve this same effect. And by default, why does it take multiple seconds for the awaiting challenge process to take place and not instantly like these other servers?

I actually figured this out on my own — sv_client.c

Inside of:

void SV_GetChallenge(netadr_t from)




#if !defined(STANDALONE) && defined (USE_AUTHORIZE)

The guys at quake3e are rather receptive to sharing their code. They use MSVC
and might be willing to work with you… at least they offered to work with me. It is seems popular with some of the experienced crowd still playing.
Seems like you have things well in hand, but I thought I’d mention it just FYI.