Instagib mod, looking for more

I’ve had this idea for around 20 years. Worked on it myself a few times but I lost the source code somewhere along the way and never could get it to work properly without the server disconnecting everyone (probably a violation of the cheat protection).

But anyway this is my idea for a mod, I am posting this to see if anyone else would be interested in giving it another go (yes I know it is probably at least 10 years too late)

  • The mod is basically a type of instagib, so only using the railgun.
  • Maps have no pick-ups.
  • you don’t take damage from environment, unless it’s a killswitch (falling off the map, being crushed). No partial damage ever.
  • Railgun has an alternate fire “rail-jump” basically spawning an invisible rocket to let you jump. Ideally a new visual effect. This does not push or in any way affect enemy players. This is on it’s own cooldown unlike insta-unlagged where the cd is shared between normal shot and rail-jump (which means most players never railjump while an enemy is in sight.) The idea being that you can fly through the air while killing your opponents - if you are awesome enough.
  • if you kill an enemy, once the kill is resolved on the server your shot cooldown on the railgun is reset, meaning you can kill many players in a short time - if you are awesome enough.


  • Streamline the UI, since the game is now very simple armor, health and weapon info goes away. Score and maybe accuracy are the only things displayed.
  • More rail colors to choose from
  • Heat shimmer effect around the railgun ray

If anyone would be interested or know of a better place to post this let me know

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Well at least I am making progress :slight_smile: managed to get a simple instagib working on top of ioq3 with some additional code fixing the aspect ratio and my own changes to the UI on top. Next stop alternate fire rocket jumps!

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hell yes! Glad to see your update, please continue to keep us updated and let me know if you’re alright with a link to this thread from the ioquake3 twitter account

Sure, you can post the thread on twitter :slight_smile:
I hope to have more progress to post about soon.

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So after trying to get the alternate fire working 3 times and starting over I did some more UI work and I am pretty satisfied with it now.
I will be trying to implement the alt-fire again next week, it is tricky because it has to have it’s own “cooldown” time, rather than share it with the normal weapon cooldown.

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