Idea for 210 level campaign, that is like the official Quake 3 Campaign

Hi everyone, I am thinking of making a campaign of 210 short but intense combat levels, that progresses in a similar story to the official original Quake 3 campaign does, with 7 tiers, an intro before the first official tier, and all of that good stuff.

I am thinking for each level in particular and in this order, with the level names being:

First Trip: Introducing the basics of Crash, the minigun and sawblade you start with

Going Down: Introducing more bigger spaces than the first level

To the Pain: Introducing the shotgun

Got the Ammo?: Introducing ammo for the minigun and shotgun, and ammo in general; it’s the last intro level before tier 1 officially starts

Not Too Hard: Introducing Ranger

Don’t Get Shot: A more intense Ranger than level 5

Branched Path: A split path, that introduces the plasma gun

Stop ‘N’ Go: Introducing doors that close and open periodically

The Hunt: Introducing Phobos

Watery Trail: Introducing shallow water

Boosters: Introducing jump pads

Explosive Trouble: Introducing rocket launchers

Wall Stoppers: Emphasizing using walls for cover

Winding Path: Nothing new

Sibling Rivalry: Phobos is at his hardest yet

Wall Smashing: Introducing walls that go away when shot

Jump Pads: More jump pads, introducing Mynx

Burly Brawl: Introducing Orbb as well as more than one enemy per fight

Left or Right?: Lots of choose left or right decisions

Narrow Paths: Lots of narrow corridors

Fancy Footwork: More harder architecture than earlier levels

Cluttered: Lots of junk and clutter everywhere

Monstorous Maze: A maze level

Maze of Death: A harder maze than the last level

Sticky: Introducing substances that are hard to walk in, like mud almost

Pachinko: Manipulating the enemies like they’re a pinball

Infested: Tons and tons of Crashes everywhere

Bricks a Lot: Lots of brick walls, but nothing new conceptually

Bounce!: Lots of jump pad antics

Stronghold: Boss fight with Sarge, and the last level of tier 1

Blues: A lot of blue everywhere, and introducing Bitterman and fall damage

Timed Doors: Introducign doors that close after a certain amount of seconds open

Burlier Brawl: More enemies at a time than earlier levels, and introducing Grunt

Up and Around: The level requires you to go around it in a very particular direction

Tiny Rooms: Small areas make the combat more challenging

Blunderdome: Get 10 frags in 30 seconds, or fail

F A S T: A level with a lot of fast and chaotic combat. 'Nuff said.

Inner Path: This level has a specific path to it, but it’s not obvious at first

Cold War: Introducing grenade launchers

Four Little Boxes: The level is split into four neat little cube/box things full of intense combat. Simple.

Sampler Platter: A sample of later levels in tier 2

It’s Not Easy: The hardest level yet

Gooey Danger: More of the mud substance, introducing Hossman

One-Way-Roads: Places you can walk over only in one particular direction; expect a lot of disappearing platforms and fall damage here!

Sock it To Ya: More intense combat than ever before, introducing Daemia

Bricks ‘N’ Bots: More brick walls, but no new concepts

Jump Around: Jump pads and manual jumping sections galore; expect a lot of fall damage in this level too

Klones: The revenge of Phobos, cloned multiple times

Keychain: A level in the shape of a keychain for some weird reason

Demolition: Grenade and rocket launchers galore

Monster Room Brawl: The most intense combat yet

Movin’ On: You gotta be fast or you’ll get fragged!

Traffic Signs: A lot of the doors from stop ‘N’ go, arranged in a more challenging way

Garden of Pain: A garden… full of the hardest enemies yet.

Zap!: Introducing the lightning gun

Boost Away: More jump pad antics

In the Army Now: Introducing armor of both kinds

Marathon: Every second you wait is a second you will most likely get fragged

Quake 3 in Space: A fight in outer space, pure and simple.

Beyond Blunderdome: Like blunderdome, but harder, and it’s against Hunter. If you win, you finish tier 2.

Factor X: Introducing water that you can drown in

Simple Fun: A level that is simple fun after everything else before

12 Angry Men: Introducing Wrack, and there are 12 of him in this level!

Nooks: Introducing Angel, and a lot of nooks and crannies are in this level

Slightly Watery: Lots of the water you can drown in

The Cliffs of Insanity: A level that is like a fight against a cliffside, introducing health pickups

Split Path: This level has a lot of split paths in it. 'Nuff said.

Something New: Introducing quad damage

Thug Lovin’: Introducing Slash

Shortcut: This level has a lot of little shortcuts in it.

Choices: The hardest choices yet about what to take and where to go.

They’re All Ears: A level showcasing how the monsters can know where you are even if they can’t physically see you.

Concentric: A level that has circles in circles.

Great Wheel: A level in the shape of a great wheel, and introducing the railgun.

Tag Team: A level introducing enemies on your side.

Crossroads: A level that is in the shape of a crosswalk.

Simple Solution: This level has a simple solution to it, but looks hard at first.

Factory Redux: A trip to a flooded factory, for some weird reason

Which Way: The most intricate maze yet

Curious: A level that tests your curiosity… and punishes it brutally

Gory Business: A level introducing Gorre

Angle Maze: A level that is a maze tilted at an angle

Free Ride: A level that gives you a free ride… to your watery grave

Feeling Explosive: The most intense grenade and rocket launcher combat yet

Quake 3 Wizard: A level that tests your pro skills at the game

Keys, Keys, Keys: A level that introduces doors that don’t open until a key trigger is hit

Red Claws: A level that has tons of weird devil hand shapes

On the Clock: A level that is “you’ll get killed the second you don’t move”

Intrepid: A level that requires you to be intrepid to solve it

Knives ‘N’ Stampedes: A level that is a fight against Klesk, and the last level of tier 3

Dragon Tail: A level that introduces slime, in the shape of a dragon’s tail

Pinball: Play pinball… as the pinball!

Ghostbusting: A level that introduces invsibility

Hubby: A weird but deadly hub level, introducing Tank Jr

Maze of Doors: A maze of all kinds of doors from previous levels

Ganging Up: The most intense fights yet, introducing Biker

Breakthrough: This level requires a breakthrough discovery to win

Ways to Go: Many ways to go, but only some work

The Crowd: Tons and tons of enemies everywhere, more so than previous levels, and introducing Patriot

Speedway: A level that is a deadly raceway with slime and deep water everywhere

The Collector: Collect tons of ammo and health to win

Junkyard Wars: A junkyard full of toxic slime. 'Nuff said

Safe Passage: Find a safe passage through the sewer!

Many Paths: Many paths, but only some work.

Caught Between: The most intermediate level of the campaign, introducing Lucy, the most intermediate fighter

Danger Lurks: Danger lurks with every step, especially because of the introduction of traps that shoot at you

Long Road: A long road with all kinds of things from previous levels, and introducing the Medikit

Quake Deathmatch: The whole level’s shaking for some weird reason

Masterful: A level that requires you to be masterful to win

New Heights: A level with tons of fall damage and slime

Reinfested: Like Infested, but worse given everything new since then

Construct: A level that is a weirdly built sanctum thing

Time Warp: A level that looks straight out of prehistory

Holy Floor: Slime everywhere, with only very small dry patches of land

Fearless: A level that requires you to be fearless to win, and introduces the Haste powerup

Steady Now: A level that requires a steady aim to win

Cold as Ice: A level with tons of slippery floor, leading straight into slime if you’re not careful

Islands: Tons of island hopping over slime

Challenge: A challenge application of earlier levels, introducing the health powerup

Titanica: Fight against Anarki, and the last level of tier 4

Two Spirals: A level with two spirals in it, introducing Visor

Catchy: A level with tons of catches and traps in it, introducing slime that you can sink in that hurts worse than shallow slime from tier 4

Save Tokyo!: A level that introduces Stripe, and the most intense combat yet

Around: A level that requires you to go around it in a specific way again

Broken: A level with tons of broken dry sections, with shallow lava everywhere that is introduced in this level

We Don’t Need Em: A level with tons of weapon traps

Two Switches: A level where you have to press two switches to get the goodies

Could be Deadlier: Introducing the invulnerability powerup

Timed Crisis: A level that requires you to move with every step or be killed

Cheesey: A level with tons of hot cheese everywhere, AKA shallow lava

Obstacle Course: A level about dodge the obstacles, like in Demon Keep’s quad damage passage

Invasion: Tons of enemies coming at you from every direction

Gooey: Tons of deep slime everywhere

My, What Big Suits: Introducing Keel

Smashing: More usage of walls that disappear when shot

Conundrum: A level with the most complicated puzzles yet

Big Badguy Battle: A fight against all kinds of badguys from previous levels

Barriers: A level about breaking through barriers

Tread Carefully: Almost no dry land at all, and lava and traps everywhere in sight

System Malfunction: A level that is like a glitch because you got too far in the game

Secret Ways: Tons of secrets everywhere, all required to find to win

Adventure: An adventure with tons of traps and lava everywhere

On Thin Ice: More of the slippery ice mechanic, with lava and traps everywhere making the ice that much more of a problem

Time Crunch: If you even think of stopping for a second, your death is gauranteed

Starting Point: A level that requires you to start at a particular point to solve it

Really Don’t Get Shot: Introducing the BFG

Madness: A level that is nothing short of pure madness

Trials: A level about surviving trials to get the things you need to win

Pot, Meet Kettle: A fight against Uriel, but it’s the last level of tier 5

Crumbs: A lot of crumbs of stuff everywhere, and introducing instant death traps

Z-Doors: Doors that only toggle between open and closed when you hit specific switches

Not Just a Job: Introducing Cadavre

Hidden View: A level with the things needed to survive hidden

Either Way: A level where you have to take both choices to win

The Three Sarges: A level with three of Sarge, and he’s more harder than the first time

It’s Electric: A level emphasizing the lightning gun

Hooked: A level in the shape of a hook

Victory Garden: A level introducing Bones, with tons of instant death traps

Off-Road: A level that is seemingly unrelated to the previous ones

Puzzling: A level with tons of puzzles in it

Gory Park: A level with tons of Cadavres and Boneses in it

Steer Assist: A level requiring you to steer your gun carefully to win

Tricksy: A level with tons of tricks in it, especially instant death traps

The Championship: A level introducing Doom, the enemy/fighter

Odd Angles: A level with tons of odd angles in it

Explore: A level that requires you to explore it fully to win

Hush Puppies: An ultimate slaughter level

Reaction: A reaction to how good you are at the game

Don’t Touch: Instant death traps as far as the eye can see

Frigid Air: More slippery ice, and instant death traps everywhere if you aren’t careful with how you walk on the ice

Launchers: A level with tons of jump pads launching you everywhere in a chaotic frenzy, all while you have to avoid falling to your instant death

Backtrack: A level requiring you to backtrack to win

Garden of Bleedin’: The most ultimate garden of evil yet

Precarious: A level that will instantly kill you for one false move

Steady: A level that requires the steadiest aim yet

The Red Baron: A level with tons of the hardest red colored enemies

The Squeeze: The most narrowest passages yet

Temptation: A level with tempting solutions, but they’ll instantly kill you if taken

Ultimate Cage Match: A level with the hardest enemies yet, introducing Sorlagg, but the good news is it’s the last of tier 6

Keen: A level requiring you to be very keen to win, introducing moving platforms

Secret Ways Part II: More secret solutions needing to be found to win

Fast Lane: Another deadly speedway, harder than the first time given the usage of moving platforms and instant death traps

Just a Taste: Just a taste of the last half of tier 7; you’re still on the first half right now

River of Fire: A river full of deep lava that instantly kills you if you sink in, unlike shallow lava

Toasty: Deep lava everywhere you look, pure and simple

Fly Guy: A level introducing the flight powerup

Quick Turns: A level requiring you to turn and shoot very quickly to survive

Reflex: The ultimate reflex tester, with both your gun movement and walking abilities, unlike the previous level

Mini-Maps: A level requiring you to read the mini map to win

Running on Empty: A level that is instant death the second you stop

Back Again: More backtracking needed to get through than the first level like this

Move It!: A harder version of Running on Empty

Dodgeball: An ultimate game of dodgeball, with quad damages and BFG’s everywhere

Friend or Foe: A level introducing using the enemies as both friends and foes, as well as introducing Major, the second to hardest enemy of the game

Doooooom!: A level that is your ultimate doom, pure and simple. Xaero doesn’t like it when you get this far!

Perfect Run: A worse version of Move It!, especially now that you have won against Major

Concentration: A level requiring you to concentrate intensely to win

Under the Sun: A level that is literally under the sun in outer space, and you can bet the sun will instantly fry anyone who comes too close

Mind Games: A level where you have to solve the most mind bending puzzles yet

Quick Draw: A level that requires you to shoot the fastest as you can

Currents: A level with currents of water, lava, and slime everywhere

Showcase: An ultimate showcase of everything since before this level

Contrast: A level that contrasts the simplicity of the first four intro levels to the mind bending insanity of this tier

No Exit: A level with seemingly no exit, but you discovery it if you’re clever enough

Rocket Power: Rocket jumps are needed to get anywhere in this level, basically

Let 'Em Loose: The ultimate army, especially with more than one Major in it

Stop this Insanity!: Insanity with every step, pure and simple. Expect to get insta killed everywhere expect for a couple of small safe areas.

Deja Vu: A recap of all earlier levels with much more difficulty.

Ultramega: The hardest fight yet against Xaero himself, but the good news is you win the entire campaign if you win against him succesfully.

Does anyone have any feedback on if any of the levels sound out of order, or does it all sound like a reasonable tribute to the original campaign?

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