Gtk 1.5 & 1.6 not loading sky textures properly in game

Hi, for some reason my map isn’t rendering the “skies” textures in both original q3 and ioq3. Just comes up as a still texture (this is in my own map - all the game map skies render fine) whilst I have messed about making new textures and editing both shader and created mtr files I haven’t made any changes to the skies textures or accompanied mtr/shader files.
Cheers guys :slightly_smiling_face:

My best guess would be that you used a texture that isn’t a sky shader. Try using skies/tim_hell in Radiant (full shader name textures/skies/tim_hell). It’s the sky shader used in q3dm1.

Cheers it worked a treat - though there were no shaders that came up in the texture viewer so I selected the brushes and had to manually change the directory in the surface inspector to Tim_hell. Upon further fossiking I found it in the shader script as a variation of killsky_1 - I wonder why it didn’t show in radiant though

In Radiant, the shaders can be differenciated from simple textures by their white outline, in the textures window. If the shaders don’t appear in gtk, maybe it’s because the path to baseq3 in radiant isn’t set up properly or that shaderlist.txt (a simple text file that lists all the shaders you want to work with, by default it has all the quake 3 ones).