Forked Quake, permission question


I have been tasked with forking quake and adding some minimal updates.
I understand I can use this open source engine to do so and I want to keep as much quake’ness as possible but add the ability to connect to a REST API.

I am a newb here but I downloaded the source but am a bit confused on what I can and cant use

I understand the engine is open sources but the “game data” is not? this is the pak0.pk3 file?
does this mean I wont be able to use any existing maps, textures, character models in my project? or do I just need to purchase a copy and include the pak0.pk3 file in my forked game?

As I mentioned I would like to keep as much quake’ness as possible



Nobody with our project is a lawyer, this is not legal advice. If you want to sell anything then I suggest you hire a lawyer for the purposes of checking the licenses you’re using and complying with them.

You cannot take any Quake 3 game data and resell or redistribute it. The only thing that can be made into a new game is the source code. Maps, textures, character models, sounds, etc, all must be from other sources. So anything you find in the official Quake 3 paks is copyright id software/bethesda and cannot be resold or redistributed.

Other games and mods made for ioquake3 or Quake 3 may have their own game data under different licenses. Especially Creative Commons licensed assets may be re-used under the terms of the specific license they have chosen.

Any project made with the quake 3 source code must comply with the GPL license bundled with the source code. Generally this means that you will need to distribute source code to any changes you make. Ideally you would contribute those changes back. Please read this:

Thanks for the reply, that makes more sense now

@TimeDoctor I manged to build from source and used the pak files form steam purchase

Are you able to point me in the direction of any useful guides/tools/posts on how to creat your own game data? (as just to confirm the quake ones are trademarked so we couldnt use them for non personal use)