Debugging ioquake3 on Linux?

How do you guys debug your ioquake3 projects on Linux? Plain old gdb or lldb? I’m trying to setup a “healthy” development environment and it’s really hard to setup Netbeans or any other IDE with ioquake, since there are no projects files, just the makefile.

I use gdb in a terminal. And Com_Printf.

I’m python developer with little c experience, but i would like to debug some ioq3 issues on linux. Is there any tutorial, how can i use gdb (or any other interactive debugger) with ioq3? Good chance to learn some C, at last.

Ok, i figured it out.

  1. Grab the source
  2. Compile
  3. Copy binaries with debug symbols from debug-linux-x86_64 to game dir
  4. Launch DDD
  5. Open Program… and Open Source… if needed.
  6. Set breakpoint.
  7. Run game.
  8. Have fun debugging.