Custom shaders with custom footstep sound

Hi to everyone, and thank you for all the solutions I’ve been reading.

Does anyone know how to create a custom shader to add a particular footstep sound to a custom texture?
I created a lot of .tga textures but I need different footstep sounds at least for grass and wood.

I found how to create a shader but using pre-existing parameters.

In shader files it mentions “surfaceparm” for example metal.
The thing I can’t understand is: at which sound file is it refering and how does it work that to play a sound for each step it only need to write “surfaceparm” without mentioning any sound file or directory?

Sorry for the errors and thank you for your help.

Quake 3 doesn’t have grass or wood footsteps and adding them would require making a mod.

q3map BSP compiler reads surfaceParms metal and adds a value (4096 for metal) to the BSP surface flags where the shader is used. The game checks the surface flags under the player for footsteps and uses a pre-defined list of sounds for the footstep type. The game doesn’t have access to the text “metal” from the shader.