Can't compile ioq3 on MacOS

I had spent much time trying to do it in XCode (misc/xcode/ioquake3.xcworkspace).


  1. There is no Speex library in repo. (my solution: I’ve moved it from ancient ariya’s fork)
  2. renderer1, renderer2, ioquake3 reference to SDL 1.2 but there is only SDL 2.0 in “code/libs/macos” directory. (my solution: I’ve replaced SDL 1.2 with 2.0).
  3. I got tons of OpenGL errors like “Unknown function glXXX”. (no solution)

What am I doing wrong?

The XCode project is unmaintained. Speex has been replaced with Opus (which is in the repo). Ogg Vorbis was added to repo. SDL 1.2 replaced with SDL 2. ioquake3 now gets OpenGL functions at run-time instead of linking to OpenGL at compile time. I’m not sure why that would cause glXXX errors though.

The maintained build system uses make from the command line as described at building ioquake3 on Mac.