Can I use ioquake engine with openarena .pk3?


I’ve been trying to compile the openarena engine on linux ubuntu running on virtualbox, but it compiles the executables to shared libraries. Does anyone know how to fix this, or if I could somehow use the openarena files with the code from github? I need to do this for athird year project at university. Worst case scenario I could probably buy quake 3 but I’d rather not as I don’t plan to play it really.

for anyone who wants to use openarena pk3 files with the current github engine build, copy and paste your baseoa folder into your release folder for ioq3 and run the game from the command line with +set com_basegame baseoa. Or you can add -no-pie anf (or maybe or) -fno-pie to the base cflags in the makefile for the relevant architecture

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