Windows Application within Quake 3 Game Engine...?

Has anyone successfully created a mod for Quake III that will allow a Windows application to be executed from within the game engine (like open a window that you can close with you mouse which will return you to the map…)?

I know this sounds a bit crazy for a game, but I have something that I would like to try with a game engine that would require this to work. I love making maps for Quake III which is why I decided to start my quest here…

I know that Second Life will allow you to open a web browser, but I don’t think you can run an embedded windows application within that environment.

Thanks in advance…


Well, I think if you compile the engine yourself, you would be able to execute a program or process/thread in C. The VMs would likely not allow you to, unless you develop a library to do it in bg_lib.c/h, but if you compile as DLL or SO then they might.

On an interesting note, I have successfully been able to get QuakeJS running on a free Heroku node, if you’re wanting to experiment with running ioq3 itself in the browser. The keyboard input does seem a little delayed though, but if you just wanted to make radiant bsp maps for spectating in the browser that would be cool.

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