Why aren't you using OpenGL2?

So, why aren’t you using OpenGL2, the renderer previously known as Rend2? :slight_smile:

Yes, you, the person reading this.

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Well, I tried but I couldn’t find any documentation on how to turn it on or how it works.
The readme is not helpful. Some guy in #ioquake3 told me it’s the cvar “cl_renderer opengl2”.

I expected some visual change like dynamic lights but nothing. Did I forget something?

Tried it. Kinda works; my system might be too old though. I switch the mode over to opengl2 and restart the video. A map loads; but it doesn’t display the map to me. It stays on the map load screen even though I can hear the footsteps from running around. I can still use the console(can’t see it) to exit out. I don’t see any errors related to the display issue in the console.


This forum software is really nice!

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The above post was using a version dated Nov 2. Downloaded the version from Nov 25. It works now!



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I actually do and like it =)
quad dlight looks nice so I´ve just added same effect for BS in yellowish, more will follow hehe

I’ve not yet taken the time to merge more recent upstream opengl2.

If I ever get around to writing material files, I’ll do that.

It’s in my autoexec.cfg but I can’t seem to see much difference :frowning:

Because OpenGL2 seems to lack shadow support (the cg_shadows 2 like shadows, unless its possible as I have no idea how to make something like that work with OpenGL2) and because its a waste considering even with it the Steam overlay will still make it glitch out.