Weapon positioning commands (cg_gunx, cg_guny, cg_gunz)

Those commands are cheat-protected by vanilla Quake 3 and even ioquake3. It seems like good 'ol Quake 3 was not good enough prepared for widescreen-gaming back in the day, but who can blame the developers of a game this old? The thing is that once you use a 16:9 resolution in Quake 3, the weapons almost gets hidden beneath the HUD, and the commands for changing weapon positions in first person mode (cg_gunx, cg_guny, cg_gunz) are cheat protected in ioquake3, just as in vanilla Quake 3 Arena.

Any plans of maybe remove those commands from the cheat-list in the ioquake3 client?

no plans for that, we try not to change much about the original game and instead focus on the engine.

@ReL0aDed, not sure if this will help you:
Zack Middleton made a very advanced patch for ioquake3 which corrects the HUD (aspect correct), and the patch also corrects weapon positioning. Though, since the patch is really that advanced (you can even scale the size of the numbers of your HUD) you eventually don’t need to tweak the weapon position at all.

There are a few things to consider if you want to use the patch:

  1. You need a bit of programming skills to apply the patch (iirc it doesn’t apply cleanly any more).
  2. Iirc there was a ready-to-go mod containing all the patched HUD (availaible on the old ioquake3 forums(?)).
    Unfortunately I can’t find it anymore (probably Zack Middleton knows where to find).
  3. Worst thing, you will have this as a mod for your own, since it’s unlikely ioquake3 will apply game changes.

So probably it isn’t much help, but eventually give it a try! To me, it’s one of the coolest things Zack Middleton ever made! Here is the link to the code: https://gist.github.com/zturtleman/7350915
You have to dl the ‘scaleable_hud.diff’ file and apply it to the ioquake code!

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The referenced mod pk3: ztm-flexible-hud-r2.pk3 [EDIT (Nov 2017): Link Removed.]. You’ll need to set cvars mentioned in the readme otherwise it looks like vanilla Q3A.

EDIT (Nov 2017): The current version is at https://clover.moe/flexible-hud-for-ioq3/

Hmm, how do I apply this patch? I tried to put the “ztm-flexable-hud-r2.pk3” file into the baseq3 folder inside the Quake 3 folder. After that I started “ioquake3.x86_64.exe”, but the in-game console does not react to the new command cg_fovAspectAdjust.

Do I have to replace some of the files inside the pak0.pk3 file with those included in the ztm-flexable-hud-r2.pk3 file to get it working?

Does this patch work on other Quake 3 engine games, like Jedi Academy and so on (they all have the same issues when it comes to widescreen-gaming)?

zturtleman (Zack Middleton) was so friendly to upload the mod again. So the easiest way to use the new HUD is to download the ‘ztm-flexible-hud-r2.pk3’ from the link above! Start the mod like any other mod e.g.:

  1. download the ‘ztm-flexible-hud-r2.pk3’ from above.
  2. create a new folder inside your ioquake3 folder any give the new (mod) folder a name, and put the downloaded ztm-flexable-hud-r2.pk3 into this newly created folder.
  3. Start ioquake3 and you will see the new mod in your MODS menu.
  4. Choose/start this mod (by clicking onto it) and you will have access to all the cvars this mod supports (as mentioned in the readme).
    (Of course you can also start the mod from command line: +set fs_game modname)).

This way you can use the new features of the mod without any more work included.
Some more general info about how to start mods: http://www.quake3world.com/q3guide/mods.html

This works for me, if it doesn’t work for you, please let us know!

If you really want to apply the patch, you need at least some basic knowledge how to compile the ioquake3 source code. A good manual can be found here: How to build ioquake3 using Cygwin
The process of applying the patch is something different, you can do this by using SVN or Git (?) tools.

But since zturtleman provided the ztm-flexable-hud-r2.pk3, I highly recommend the method without any coding involved!

It works =)

Now I can finally play the single-player portion of Quake 3 once again; I mainly use Quake Live for LAN-gaming.

@ReL0aDed: I’m glad it works for you too! Well done!
@zturtleman: Thank you very much for sharing your ztm-flexable-hud-r2.pk3 again! Excellent work!