Variable are locked in the game. Need a patch

it is impossible to change the value of cg_bobup variable. I put that value:
cg _bobup 0
and the game menu also has this value… but if I load the map, it’s on the map:
cg _bobup 0.005
conclusion: the player will not be able to run without the camera wobbling. and for a lot of people, it’s uncomfortable to play with that setting.

Very strange, these variable are protected by cheat…
Maybe any of the programmers will be able to make such a small and necessary patch for this game. I many players would be very happy.

cg_bobup is cheat protected. Use devmap q3dm1 to be able to change it. cg_bobup -10 will bob down through the floor (cheating to see below). This would be possible to fix. Though maybe it’s a design choice to require view bobbing, like weapon fire view kick in other games. I don’t know.

I’m personally not a fan of view bobbing so Spearmint has an cg_viewbob 0 / 1 cvar to disable view bobbing. You could also make your own mod that works exactly how you want it to.