Unknown Command (opengl2 help)


So after getting ioquake3 up and running I attempted to use opengl2 by typing " /cl_renderer opengl2 " (without quotes) and got unknown command “cl_renderer” . . .

I did it from the main menu of quake and made sure that the spelling was correct, and to put a space between renderer and opengl2.

not quite sure whats going on here, any help is greatly appreaciated.

Please upgrade to a test build, http://ioquake3.org/get-it/test-builds/

I already have the test build files in the same folder (still no luck)

Which executable are you using? You should use ioquake3.x86_64 as that is the updated version. Old shortcuts will not launch the new version.

That was the issue, thanks. Guess I just clicked on the old version without realizing.

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Ah, I’ve updated the Player’s Guide to reflect this.