Toggling console


I’ve had a lot of fun playing AvP again on my Linux machine, thanks for doing this.

I would like to use cheats. With the original Windows binary, you had to run it with the -debug parameter and then use the Tilde key in-game to summon the console. That doesn’t seem to work with this version, as the debug parameter is not accepted, and pressing the Tilde key does nothing (tried several others too)

So how do I enable and toggle the console?

Thanks for reading

I do not see the debug parameter on the list:

./avp -h
Aliens vs Predator Linux -
Based on Rebellion Developments AvP Gold source
[-h | --help] Display this help message
[-v | --version] Display the game version
[-f | --fullscreen] Run the game fullscreen
[-w | --windowed] Run the game in a window
[-s | --nosound] Do not access the soundcard
[-c | --nocdrom] Do not access the CD-ROM
[-j | --nojoy] Do not access the joystick
[-g | --withgl] [x] Use [x] instead of /usr/lib/ for OpenGL

I realize this thread is old but I think this information might be helpful for anyone looking in the future.

The debug option is in code but it is not listed as part of the -h command.

if you use if you call “./avp -d” you get full debugging mode.

Note: Pressing Tilde only takes effect in game and not in the menus.