Team Arena Hi Res

I’m using the newest version of Ioquake to run Quake 3 and it’s Team Arena expansion from Steam. I have Quake 3 running at my preferred resolution, but when I click “Team Arena” in the main menu the resolution changes and I don’t have the option to set it to the correct resolution. I’m guessing it’s because i’m launching the default/non-ioquake version of Team Arena. How do I launch Team Arena via Ioquake? Is there a command line I can add to the shortcut?

+set fs_game missionpack is the command-line option to launch Team Arena
You’ll need to have a test build of ioquake3 to get going.

The resolution list is set by the Team Arena data files. To use other resolutions you have to set the resolution using the console. ioquake3 doesn’t change this. See Players Guide § HD/High Resolutions.

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