Single player no bots

I just installed ioquake3 64bit for linux
I get no bot in the first map

This is a known issue with the 1.36 stable release for GNU/Linux x86_64. Install a test build to fix it.

tried installing test build but then have issues with full screen

What kind of issues with fullscreen?

One possible suggestion borderless windowed mode: Open the console using ~ or shift+esc and paste using ctrl+v

r_fullscreen 0; r_noborder 1; vid_restart

and press enter.

when I start quake3 with test update I still have my kde menu with game running cutting off bottom of quake options.

Well, you could resize the window to not be the under kde menu. (yeah, this isn’t great. donno why fullscreen isn’t working.)

r_fullscreen 0; r_noborder 0; r_allowResize 1; vid_restart