Server side !message system?


Is there a server-side tool that allows a particular feature that is found in some mods where the client connected to the server can type !message in console and have the server echo back a message/or execute a config on the server?.

I want to use this feature to echo back a basic help menu and/or echo back available maps on the server users can vote to, as there is no way for players to know what maps are sitting in the server’s baseq3.

If not, can this feature be built into the future versions of IOQ3?.
It would add so much more customisation to servers without mods.

Looking forward to some feedback.

+1 to the question. Any plan for something like minqlx? GitHub - MinoMino/minqlx: Extends Quake Live's dedicated server with extra functionality and scripting.

You can add handler in this method: Quake-III-Arena/g_cmds.c at dbe4ddb10315479fc00086f08e25d968b4b43c49 · id-Software/Quake-III-Arena · GitHub

Thanks for the links - Yes something like the QL one.
Can this or something like it be implemented into IOQ3?
(Calling out devs for input).

Unforfuntatly, not being a programmer I don’t know where to use these handlers.