Rocket Arena 3 -- version mismatch? Need 386 binary?

Hi all, I’ve been trying to solve this one all day and I can’t so I’m turning to the experts. I have a raspberry pi running raspbian with a Q3 dedicated server installed. It works, I’m good, but now I’m trying to get RA3 working. I’ve copied all of the arena files and can get the server to launch, I can even see the server when I view local servers.

But as soon as I connect, I’m kicked out with an error something about mismatch versoins RA175\ (even though I have 1.76 installed!). This seems like a common bug and in my internetting, I’ve found that some folks are able to solve it by launching an i386 binary instead of ioq3ded. But for the life of me, I cannot figure out how or where to get that binary from. It wasn’t installed when I apt-get installed the server.

Any ideas? Thoughts? Thanks!

I believe that Rocket Arena 3 is a binary-only mod that can only run on 32bit intel-capable systems, so, not a raspberry pi which is using an ARM processor unless you have an x86 emulator on there.

It does run though. The server boots up and when I watch the console on the pi (via ssh), I can see my player name connect to the server. Then my game throws that version error and boots me and again on the pi console I see my player name has left the game. Several others have mentioned this problem on the internet that they solve by running ioq3ded.i386 instead of ioq3ded and it works for them. But where do I get the i386 variant? I don’t think it came with the modern version that I got when I installed it (via apt-get).

Well an update, I did manage to find the 386 binary after downloading the ioquake3 files directly from here instead of the raspbian repository and while it gave me trouble (couldn’t run it), I was able to extract it and get the file. It didn’t work, because ARM. I continue to seek answers for this version conflict.