Remove some .pk3 from "sv_ReferencedPakNames"

Is there a way to remove certain .pk3 files from the “sv_ReferencedPakNames” ? When fs_game set to “osp” or any other folder name, all the paks inside become referenced, even those which i don’t want my clients to download.

It requires changing the engine source code. Remove the basegame check in FS_ReferencedPakChecksums() and FS_ReferencedPakNames() in code/qcommon/files.c.

Thanks for the reply.
When i remove the basegame check, sv_referencedPakNames becomes empty at all in baseq3 or
fs_game osp. I just want to remove special .pk3, not all of them.

Updated: Solved with fs_game / fs_basegame. Now it only puts to referenced the required .pk3s

Now i’m trying to make specific pak names to be always referenced (e.g: pakX.pk3 settings.pk3 etc.)

Any help would be appreciated.
Thanks in advance.

An indirect option is to run touchFile filename in the console/exec where is “filename” is a filename in the pk3 you want referenced. (models/players/sarge/animation.cfg, not pak0.pk3) Though it doesn’t work with some filenames.

Otherwise check the pk3 filename somewhere such as FS_LoadZipFile and mark it as a general reference using pack->referenced |= FS_GENERAL_REF;.