Raspberry Pi/RetroPie Quake 3 multiplayer support?

I was wondering if the port version of ioquake3 for Raspberry Pis support multiplayer, as when I try to go to the server list, nothing shows up.

I’m not sure if it’s got something to do with the network settings. It does work when I specify a IP and Port in, but it’s stuck on a protocol screen. Is there a way to maybe get this working?

Model: Raspberry Pi 3b
WiFi: Sky Q Hub

The official master server master.quake3arena.com went down sometime in the last few days. It will probably be fixed soon. In the meantime you can set the sv_master1 cvar to master.ioquake3.org to get a server list.

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So does multiplayer work on the Pi? Awesome.

That may explain the reasons I was unable to connect. This is a port from the ioquake3 to the RetroPie so what do I do to change it?

And this is what I’m talking about.

Right, so I figured out how to get it working. It’s revolves opening the Console (shift-tildas, for some reason for me) and typing set sv_master1 “master.ioquake.org”. The server list works, and some games require installation of tons of files. I’m worried it may fill up my USB stick running the game, so will I be able to delete the mods that are unnecessary?

So basically able to delete mods from in-game. Is this achievable?

it isn’t possible to delete mods from in-game, on a Linux distro you’ll need to go to where the files are stored and delete them manually. Most shouldn’t be very large, however.


Okay, that’s fine. The game runs off a USB drive and the RetroPie basically uses the data from the USB to the SD Card, so there is less of a chance of it getting full. If it does, I’ll delete quake3 and install it again (essentially clearing it)

Thanks for your support, I never thought it might work. :+1:

Uninstalling an application under Linux won’t remove the application’s data from your user’s home directory.