QuakeDroid - A perfectionist Android Quake

First off, wow – no Quake 1 topics ever??

QuakeDroid Development Thread @ Func_Msgboard

For anyone interested, there is a project to develop an Android Quake that overloads on being mobile friendly.

QuakeDroid is easy to use, downloads shareware on first start. It has gamepad support.

Gamepad support via help from Quakespasm dev ericw (he’s awesome)
Drag-look like Minecraft
Multi-Touch support
On-screen keyboard
Menu via touch – even the sliders!
It’s classic and authentic - yet so modern too!

Quake isn’t getting any younger, but the passion for Quake can live on through open source, something I feel is important and is why is important even today.

If you are interested in being a beta-tester or providing some casual feedback, please feel welcome to post in the thread!

Anyway, thank you for your time and support open source development!


This looks cool, I thought it was odd that the source was in a rar file instead of in public source control, but it’s good to see people working on other quake engine games for mobile platforms :slight_smile: