Quake 3 On Sale thread

I’m going to keep this thread updated with various deals on Quake 3 I come across. Let me know if you see any others.

(humble bundle link removed, Humble Bundle Store no-longer carries Quake 3)

Aww, missed it! Well, I already have it on Steam, so there’s not much of a reason for me to get it on gog other to support DRM-free platforms and I think I’d rather donate to OpenArena because Id Software isn’t Id Software anymore… :frowning:

Will update this thread again when I find another deal.

Updated with Humble Bundle Black Friday deal

Updated with Steam’s deal.

Updated with gog deal

Updated with bundle stars deal

Updated with new Bundle Stars deal

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updated with ZTM’s find!

Updated with gog’s latest deal

black friday deals, repent ye pirates and go legit.

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deals are all dead, rip

free quake 3

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Hey you guys - Green Man Gaming employee reporting in!

Just saying, we also have the Holiday Sale voucher code GMG17 you can use for an extra 17% discount on (almost) every game in the sale.

So if you use that, our actual sale price should be around $3.11 for the Quake III Pack!


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Thanks Alex, updated.

Quake III on sale for $4.99 or the series for $16.86


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Quake 3 + Team Arena is on sale on Steam until July 5 for $7.49. The gog $5 sale ended.

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Q3 on sale for $4.94


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