Quake 3 On Sale thread


I’m going to keep this thread updated with various deals on Quake 3 I come across. Let me know if you see any others.


Aww, missed it! Well, I already have it on Steam, so there’s not much of a reason for me to get it on gog other to support DRM-free platforms and I think I’d rather donate to OpenArena because Id Software isn’t Id Software anymore… :frowning:


Will update this thread again when I find another deal.


Updated with Humble Bundle Black Friday deal



Updated with Steam’s deal.


Updated with gog deal


Updated with bundle stars deal


Updated with new Bundle Stars deal



updated with ZTM’s find!


Updated with gog’s latest deal


black friday deals, repent ye pirates and go legit.


deals are all dead, rip


free quake 3


Hey you guys - Green Man Gaming employee reporting in!

Just saying, we also have the Holiday Sale voucher code GMG17 you can use for an extra 17% discount on (almost) every game in the sale.

So if you use that, our actual sale price should be around $3.11 for the Quake III Pack!



Thanks Alex, updated.


Quake III on sale for $4.99 or the series for $16.86



Quake 3 + Team Arena is on sale on Steam until July 5 for $7.49. The gog $5 sale ended.


Q3 on sale for $4.94