Quake 3 on Mint Linux using ioquake - noob questions


Yes, this is a very noob post, but I’m not having any luck searching online for help…

I’m running Mint Linux v19. I’ve installed ioquake v1.36+u20180108-dfsg-2 that was available in the Software Manager.

…now how do I proceed to copy my Quake 3 files from my CD to my Linux installation? How do I add a Quake 3 icon to the Menu?

Any help is appreciated!


Copy pak0.pk3 from the CD (pak0 locations) to (I think) /usr/lib/quake3/base/baseq3/ or /home/$USERNAME/.q3a/baseq3/. Get patch pak1-8 from here.

Actually I guess you’re suppose to use game-data-packager which will add pk3s where ever they are suppose to be and add a menu entry.