Quake 3 Changelog & Version History

Originally post by Monk on the old phpbb forum.

Dates are given in (MONTH-DAY-YEAR), some are approximate.
Editor notes are in [brackets] to clarify things or for my guesses.

quake3-1.32b/code/unix/ChangeLog - linux-specific changelog in Q3 GPL source
quake3-1.32b/code/unix/LinuxSupport/CHANGES-1.32.txt - 1.32 linux-specific changelog in Q3 GPL source

The information below was from lots of googling; I didn’t use the changelog info in the Q3 GPL source, honestly. Did the work TTimo did through 2002 to 2004 make it into the GPL’ed 1.32b? If so, why was the GPL’ed source still called 1.32b and not 1.32c or something else? So I didn’t list his stuff here–not sure where to put it.

The protocol version and point release version table below is something I found somewhere random and seemed like useful and mostly accurate info. So you may not see protocol change info in the changelog for, say, 1.17 or 1.16n, but I’d guess the table is accurate-ish enough.

Protocol version - Point release version
68 - 1.32
67 - 1.31
66 - 1.30
66 - 1.29h
48 - 1.27g
46 - 1.26
45 - 1.25
45 - 1.17
43 - 1.16n

1.32c (5-8-06)

  • Ludwig Nussel and Thilo Shulz discovered a vulnerability letting a malicious client download files from a server if auto download is enabled ( sv_allowDownload 1 ).
  • A second issue fixed in this release (R_RemapShaders buffer overflow) would let a malicious server exploit a buffer overflow to execute a shellcode on connecting clients.

1.32b (11-21-02) (GPL release 8-19-05)

This is Linux client side only and is fully compatible with 1.32

  • Text mode install broken on glibc 2.3 (Debian Sid) http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=165358 Current Debian Sid’s glibc package break backwards compatibility with binaries compiled on older glibc and statically linked. This will cause the text mode setup to segfault.

For now you can either:

  • find a solution to run the graphical gtk-based setup
  • roll back to glibc 2.2
  • use an updated setup binary: run the linux setup once, with the --keep option (this will exand all the files to setup.tmp/) get this updated setup file: http://zerowing.idsoftware.com/linux/165358/setup replace setup.tmp/setup.data/bin/Linux/x86/setup by the new one cd to setup.tmp/ and run setup.sh -
    Current NVidia drivers don’t officially support glibc 2.3 systems This affects Debian Sid in particular, causing crashes during vid_restart The issue is related to the SMP build depending upon libpthreads

1.32b has both SMP and non-SMP binary. Use quake3-smp to launch the SMP version if you want to use it.

  • SMP and non-SMP builds: Default quake3 shortcut will spawn a non-SMP build. Use quake3-smp for an SMP-enabled run. From the feedback we got after the 1.32 release, the SMP support as designed in the Quake III Arena technology isn’t so much relevant anymore. It was designed for much lower CPU frequencies and lower AGP throughputs. Modern systems won’t benefit from SMP. Since it didn’t make much sense to remove the SMP binary, we have both now.
  • Fixing broken mouse on Suse: Starting with XFree 4.2, the event timestamps returned by the X server are no longer matching gettimeofday. And there is currently no API in X to provide easy synchronisation. 1.32 introduced improved event timing by correcting event time with X server event timestamp (sub-frame timing). This worked fine with XFree 4.1, and no longer does. 1.32b adds a safe check to work again with XFree 4.2, but basically the input timing is back to 1.31 quality.

Some new cvars related to the mouse control:
in_dgamouse - not new, but be sure to have it set to 1 on any recent system
in_subframe - completely disables sub-frame timing. If XFree 4.2 in_subframe 1 won’t hurt, but it won’t do anything either.
in_nograb - for mod developers. Set to 1 and run windowed, Q3 won’t be grabbing your mouse pointer (useful for debug breaks)

1.32 (10-7-02)


  • new network protocol, 68
  • network code: improved fragmented messages handling
  • network code: map change while client loads map no longer causes an ‘Invalid .PK3’ error
  • network code: map_restart while client loads map no longer causes a reload
  • network code: fixing donedl being ignored after autodl if map_restart’ed
  • the demo command has a list of compatible protocols, it will loop through 66 67 68 you can do ‘/demo four’ and it will try four.dm_66 four.dm_67 four.dm_68 or you can explicitely give a ‘/demo demoname.dm_??’
  • added mousewheel support in the console: wheel to scroll, ctrl+wheel to scroll faster, shift+wheel to scroll history
  • UI in baseq3/ and missionpack/ for PunkBuster configuration
  • punkbuster server in server creation dialog (sv_punkbuster)
  • punkbuster client in server browser (cl_punkbuster)
  • added PB Yes/No to the browsers
  • removed obsolete MPlayer UI stuff
  • bumped server browser to handle up to 4096 servers
  • IP maintained in userinfo
  • cl_guid in userinfo (as part of PB integration)
  • printing ports as unsigned ints, no longer printing negative port numbers
  • cleaned up the legacy IP banning code
  • use * for IP pattern matching now instead of 0 (fixes some confusion) ex: 192.246.12.*
  • made it safe from overflowing and crashing
  • NOTE: using PunkBuster’s banning system is advised instead though
  • rcon: some fixes to the buffering to avoid overflowing and dropping parts of the message
  • rcon: now supports quoting /rcon g_motd “foo bar”
  • added SVF_CLIENTMASK (0x00000002), works only with <= 32 players set bitmask of players to which send entity
  • pushed cl_maxpackets upper limit to 125
  • added [skipnotify] from RTCW, use to display in the console only, but not on client screen (also fixes pb_msgprefix and pb_sv_msgprefix)
  • new cvar sv_lanForceRate (defaults 1): forces LAN clients to the maximum rate instead of accepting client setting (1 is the default behaviour, backward compatible)
  • new cvar sv_strictAuth (defaults 1): server side variable to control wether strict CDKEY auth should be performed with the auth server this is required if you want reliable cl_guid for the server (for users tracking)
  • filesystem: client re-orders it’s pk3s according to the order given by server (fixes some ‘Invalid .PK3 files referenced’ situations)
  • fixed invisible entities/players bug (thanks goes to Rick Johnson / Raven for this one!)
  • update x86 VM code (better and safer optimisations) (Rick Johnson / Raven too)
  • clearing client gentity before GAME_INIT call
  • failing vote if there’s only one voting client (fixes exploit on 2-player server where one player votes then disconnects, forcing vote to pass)
  • added trap_FS_Seek
  • renderer fix: if client game code registers a shader after drawsurfaces are generated but before frame is rendered had a one-frame visual glitch (shader indexes messed up)
  • renderer fix: r_roundImagesDown 0 + map q3dm1 -> crash (buffer overflow fix)
  • renderer fix: fixed a crash in widescreen displays (q3dm11)
  • renderer fix: MAX_SHADERS up to 2^12
  • renderer fix: moved screenshot from frontend to backend, fixes broken r_smp 1 screenshots
  • TA fixes: MOD_KAMIKAZE MOD_JUICED logging properly to games.log
  • fixed bot taunt spamming
  • fixed typo in scripts/models2.shader (shader error Ursula head)

Win32 specific:

  • fixed the DirectInput mouse init procedure
  • rcon: fixed rcon not working on NT/2000/XP workstations that have a long uptime

Linux specific:

  • no longer trying to load libMesaVoodooGL.so obsolete code, was confusing when trying to setup correct OpenGL acceleration
  • SMP support in the renderer. Detects CPU count, r_smp 1 default if available. (thanks to Gareth Hughes for contributing this)
  • changed default GL driver from libGL.so to libGL.so.1 see LSB 1.2 spec: http://www.linuxbase.org/spec/refspecs/ … libgl.html
  • Handle Ctrl and Space key together correctly (Ctrl was disabling Space)
  • sub-frame timing of input events (key/mouse) (input timing quality now equivalent to win32)

1.31 (12-21-01)

Windows Fixes:

  • fixed Doppler effect
  • changed protocol from 66 to 67
  • fixed simple developer 1 cvar cheat hack
  • changed a few warnings to developer warnings
  • rcon commands no longer fragment, sent buffered to the rcon client
  • fixed connection issues / broken userinfo
  • only printing R_AddPolyToScene warnings with +set developer 1
  • various dedicated server issues fixed

Linux only:

  • fixed sound crash, going around memset bug in glibc i586/i686

Mac only: (1-4-02) 1.31b2, 1.31b3, 1.31b5

  • stereo sound
  • works every time on powerbooks
  • mouse stays accelerated when you quit
  • some dual monitor stuff

1.30 (8-23-01)

  • NEW PROTOCOL CHANGE (now protocol 66)
  • Fixed sound bug (with Graeme hints) – this crashed some mods
  • Made sure Sys_Printf doesn’t get into an endless loop if logfile is on
  • Fixed qconsole.log issues, +set logfile 1 +set fs_debug 1 was crashing (any OS)
  • Fixed logfile 1 / ttycon 1 issue, didn’t exit properly (same endless looping) Also fixes an issue reported by q3f team
  • Changed rcon commands from Com_DPrintf to Com_Printf so that they show up in the console (with IP information)
  • Fixed autodownload toggle in q3 ui
  • KEY: “notq3a” (i.e.; Not Quake III Arena) (VALUE: “1” or “0”, default is “0”)
  • KEY: “notta” (i.e.; Not Quake III: Team Arena) (VALUE: “1” or “0”, default is “0”)
  • Fixedlegs : put in the animation .cfg this command freezes the programmatic rotation of the legs.
  • Fixedtorso : put in the animation .cfg this command freezes the programmatic rotation of the torso.
  • When a user-created skin for a model is accompanied by a set of similarly named matching team color skins, the game will now use those instead of the model’s default team skin.
  • Q3:TA TEAM CREATION - It is now possible to create original Team Arena teams with new team logos, body models, head models, voices and skins. Previously the code had been designed to limit the game to use of two body models (James & Janet). With this point release, hobbyists who know their way around the skills of model-making, animating, and skinning can make new team content for Team Arena.
  • TEAM SELECTION - When a player starts a game with map or devmap the team logos displayed will be the last two teams used in the single player game. The console cvars g_blueteam and g_redteam commands will allow server admins to change the teams being played on dedicated servers.
  • NEW CHEATING COUNTER MEASURES - There has been quite a bit of new code added to make it much more difficult to cheat and hack the game.
  • NEW RAIL, ROCKET LAUNCHER, PLASMA GUN, and LIGHTNING GUN EFFECTS - There have been several new weapon effects that we’ve managed to sneak into this release. We’ve turned them off in the game by default, but you can enable them from the console by pressing the ~ key and typing the following commands:
    \cg_oldRail 0 (enables the new rail effect)
    \cg_oldRocket 0 (enables the new rocket effect)
    \cg_oldPlasma 0 (enables the new plasma effect)
    \cg_trueLightning 0.5 (enables the new lightning gun effect)
  • AUTO UPDATE SYSTEM - Within this release is an Auto Update system that can be used to at any time to check for and download updates to Quake 3 and Team Arena.
  • NEW NETWORK CODE - There is a new compression system built into the network code of the latest point release. Essentially, this reduces the bandwidth usage of Quake 3 and Team Arena by a ratio of 5:1 over previous versions of the game.
  • IF YOU ARE HAVING MOUSE SENSITIVITY ISSUES WITH THIS, AND THE VERSION 1.29g POINT RELEASES PLEASE READ THIS - This and the last version of the point releases, were compiled with a new version of Direct Input that may have changed your mouse sensitivity. If you have noticed a change, we have a fix for you. The cvar \in_mouse can be used to set the “feel” of the sensitivity back to previous versions of Quake III. At the console type:
    \in_mouse 1 - To get the same “feel” as version 1.27h. This is the default “feel” that was shipped with Team Arena.
    \in_mouse -1 - To get the same “feel” as version 1.17 of Quake III. These are the only 2 “feels” that Quake III and Team Arena have ever had, so one of the settings should get you back on track.
    \in_restart - must be used to initialize both of the above commands.

1.29h BETA (7-31-01)

  • Mouse sensitivity and wheel issues have been addressed
  • A known server crash exploit has been addressed
  • Frame rate should be back to normal for those that experienced problems
  • Fixed NT 4.0 Sound
  • in_mouse set to -1 will provide 1.17ish sensitivity, in_mouse set to 1 will provide current sensitivity
  • Installers will now give users the proper Pak files (this has been causing some connection and pure issues)

1.29g (7-26-01)

  • Players joining (and apparently leaving) the game cause everyone to hitch
  • fs_handleforfile: none free ERROR
  • After last level of tier game doesn’t stay on trophy screen, instead it takes you directly to next tier screen
  • No sound in NT 4.0 at all with 1.29f PR [point release]
  • There is a shader bug in Pro-q3dm6
  • developer cheats like R_Showtris have been disabled in the PR (they were never disabled, the user simply needs to run the game with “+set developer 1” minus quotes, at the command line.
  • made /startOrbit cheatprotected
  • Rcon issues now resolved.
  • fs_basegame isn’t published to clients
  • fixedlegs command in the animation config is apparently not working
    • and – cvars fixed

1.29f (6-18-01)

  • NEW PROTOCOL CHANGE (now protocol 66)
  • scoreboard problems within TA. Scoreboard was reporting the wrong number of players and ghost players
  • Problems with NT 4.0 and Sound within version 1.27h
  • single player crash when a player would replay q3dm0 in single player mode
  • In TA, if a player gets an award sound in warmup, the sound will repeat for no reason once the map restarts
  • single player bug that would change the fraglimit and capture limit of single player maps
  • proxmine sounds trying to be loaded in non-TA game
  • wrong “Transfer rate” being reported on autodownloads in CTF
  • If a password on a dedicated server is set, bots cannot connect
  • r_lodcurseerror is not cheat protected
  • Single player all maps, can get stuck in third person view after round is over
  • Crash - Scrolling through the players Handicap during single player match
  • Auto-download problems in certain cases
  • Player model animation/After giving orders, player becomes stuck in animation
  • Users not being able to change music in maps
  • Guard Cheat…Set your handicap at 10,000 via the console then pickup a guard. It sets your health at some insane value (16000 or so)
  • Crash - starting a sever, filling all slots with bots
  • Voteable maps are based on client’s gametype - not server’s
  • set predictable player events to zero on spawn because the prediction is out of sync anyway
  • double player entity events (double events a client plays on other players in the game)
  • synced client shotgun spread pattern with server
  • server crash on map load due to sending config strings
  • Some of the orders in the in-game menu function wrong
  • Mouse sensitivity being altered by changes made in code that communicates with direct input
  • Demos in Quake III 1.27g not showing up
    • \dir models/players/ tga…the first letters of the filenames are omitted
  • Add cvar “fs_baseGame” which allows people to base mods upon mods
  • Quake3 - Single Player - Warnings received on q3dm0
  • You don’t hear the opponent taking the jumppad until u see him
  • have a dedicated server reference the cgame.qvm in the last pk3 found when alphabetically ordered; for pure
  • If you use forcemodel now in singleplayer it will default you to sarge and not let you choose another model to use.
  • TA defaults to setting a time limit instead of a frag limit on single player games
  • Q3A/Q3:TA specific flag on entities
  • In CTF, if a user times out with the flag it is gone from game until map is restarted
  • “spawn inside a player” bug
  • Add OSP TAB in TA and fixed alliance tab in server browser
  • Quake3 - Single Player - Warnings received on q3dm0
  • if a user times out with the flag it is gone from game until map is restarted
  • TA and Q3 Screenshot overwrite bug.
  • Voice taunt bug where sounds were being queued then released all at once.
  • Dedicated server crash bug (Server would crash after 48hrs, every time)
  • James model Error bug
  • AutoJoin, Autobalence Bug…Probably related to scoreboard bug
  • The intermission screen in a single player game has a button for “demo”, that hints at a demo playback of the game that you just finished, however it does not work
  • Shell - start server, CTF bot list is in FFA format

1.27h (1-10-01)

  • Fixed James model bug
  • CD Key read correctly when starting from Q3A vs TA shortcuts
  • Handicap exploit fixed
  • Bot routing bug fixed
  • Potential 20 FPS increase for some clients :slight_smile:
  • Sensitivity is back how it was

1.27g (12-13-00)

Details: id Software recommends that all current Quake III players update to this release as it is the same codebase as Quake III: Team Arena, which is due to be released in stores shortly.

  • now at protocol 48
  • fixed several predictable player event problems
  • made entity events more reliable
  • fixed sv_minping
  • fixed setting “sv_maxclients 0” causes crash upon match restart when the server is full with clients
  • print gametype name when voting for a new game type
  • fixed sometimes getting spawned into others in tournament mode
  • fixed “sudden death” and “5 minute warning” sounds overlapping on server entry
  • optimized file system memory usage, can now easily load 100+ pk3 files
  • fixed icon heads when loading a map in teamplay
  • fixed several zone memory leaks causing Z_MALOC failure
  • fixed auto weapon switch when picking up the weapon held before a map restart
  • fixed falling off map due to old movement after map_restart
  • fixed chatting from dedicated server console
  • added better error handling to auto-downloading
  • added “noglobalsound” option for items
  • improved bot AI
  • fixed bots taking same path through enemy base in CTF
  • fixed bot gauntlet usage
  • cg_forceModel works without vid_restart
  • CD keys no longer overwritten
  • Typing % in chat text causes the client to be disconnected with an illegible server message
  • Removed Global Rankings support. We are currently investigating the best approach to properly integrate Global Rankings into Quake III Arena and Quake III: Team Arena
  • Various speed tweaks
  • VM Optimazation to bring vm speed closer to DLL speed
  • Cinematic support available to mod developers

Known Issues

  • Launching demos from the user interface does not work. To play a demo back, go to the console and type “demo demofilename” without the quotes. This is a bug that cropped up when we changed the extension for demos so they include the protocol number so demos show up properly in menus. This will be addressed in a later patch.

1.26 (11-22-00)

  • date uncertain
  • now at protocol 46
  • Supposed to be released at same time as Team Arena
  • maybe released direct to mod teams but not to the public?
  • probably ended up as 1.27g

1.25y (10-13-00)

  • Restored Movement Physics. Quake III Arena, through version 1.17 contained bugs that caused decimals in code to be rounded differently, depending on what operating system was in use. This was a bug that affected more than just movement code and had to be corrected. V1.25 unified that code to a single method of rounding decimals. As a by-product of that bug fix, the feel of the player movement changed. V1.25y “restores and isolates” the “bug” (the method of rounding) to the movement code only, which should, in effect restore the physics that most players have been requesting.
  • /clientkick - The /kicknum console command has been renamed to /clientkick. This was done for command completion because the /kick command was being renamed to /kicknum when TAB was hit.
  • /fdir - The fdir command allows the user to search his game directory for the presence of file types. A common use for this might be to search out the file names of maps that are often buried inside pak files with different names.
  • Fixed callvote/spectator bug
  • Reworked physics code to allow 1.17 style movement while retaining the fluid control and feel of 1.25.
  • Fixed bug that caused teammates in CTF/team games to show as incorrect color until TAB (scoreboard show) was pressed.
  • Fixed bug where force model did not force model to the model used by the player.
  • Fixed Global Rankings problem that changed your name to player’s login ID. Player no longer has to rename self before playing.
  • Fixed bug that limited recognition of pk3 files to a maximum of 99.
  • Fixed bug that prevented bots from being kicked from a listen server.
  • Fixed code to allow kicking of clients with spaces in their names.
  • Fixed bug that awarded 20 points for fragging your own flag carrier (when friendly fire was on).
  • Spelling in Spectator message corrected. Message now indicates that “START” must be selected on the menu to play.
  • Fixed long-standing bug in the console in which pressing TAB for command completion removed all quotes (") in the line.
  • “Lagometer” was re-enabled.
  • Fixed bug that kept config settings for status of Team Overlay (in the HUD) from being saved.
  • Fixed bugs related to graphics display by Voodoo 3D accelerator cards.
  • Fixed problem causing screenshots to overwrite screenshots from previous play session.
  • Map diagnostic commands, r_showtris, r_nocurves and r_lockpvs re-enabled.

1.25 (9-22-00)

  • We’re at protocol 45.
  • Fixed autodownload code.
  • Fixed Dropped sounds bug.
  • New pure server code.
  • New encryption.
  • Added score balloons that appear over targets/locations where the player has scored individual points.
  • Global Rankings support. Quake III Arena supports and interacts with MPlayer’s statistic recording and ranking system.
  • Modified physics so that both dll and qvm physics match.
  • Added the Defense Award and medal for defensive actions in team play.
  • Modified awards for invidual scores.
  • Added the Assist award and medal for actions which assist the flag carrier in scoring a capture.
  • Added new botlib and area files. Bots will interact more effectively with the game environment. Bots understand how to use buttons.
  • Added headmodel support to allow players to switch heads between models.
  • Added team_model / team_headmodel cvars. Separate model and head can be specified for teamplay games only.
  • Memory use is a lot more economical when using qvms.
  • Expanded number of pak files that may be used from 64 to 1024.
  • CD Check Disabled - Quake III Arena no longer requires the game CD to be in place before starting a single player game or before starting a multiplayer server that uses bots.
  • In addition to replacing the Quake III Arena excutable file, v1.25 also installs pak4.pk3, a new id Pak File in your baseq3 directory. This new Pak File contains information that will overwrite and/or add to assets currently used to play the game. The changes and new assets focus on updating bot function, modifying the user interface, and adding new game play sounds.

1.17 (5-3-00)

  • This patch fixes a fairly serious security flaw in Quake 3 Arena. Internet Security Systems identified the flaw and notified us with reproduction details as well as an overview of the exploit. The basic nature of the exploit is that malicious server operators could overwrite any file on a client system. This type of thing is always possible with DLL based mods ( which is why we strongly recommend VM based mods ) but with this exploit, it was possible within the VM system.
  • To help facilitate a rapid transition to the new codebase we have also bumped the network protocol version [to protocol 45]. This means 1.17 is not network compatibile with any prior version.
  • The install also includes all 3 PK3 files, because the original “pak1.pk3” was not included in the final 1.16 release for Mac and Win32 builds. This will address some pure server connection issues. You will have to have all 3 pak files present to connect to a pure server.

In addition to this security fix, we have also fixed the following:

  • Callvote to single player game type causes the server to crash.
  • Crash in bot initialization on some systems.

1.16n (3-15-00)

  • Unlatched sv-pure
  • Added designer models
  • Fixed gamestate reload when running mods in pure mode


  • Fixed Models and Skins not showing up when you have more than the max ( 256 )
  • Fixed Single player loop issue when a bunch of pk3 files ( 100-200 ) exist in baseq3
  • Fixed issue with greater than 1K server config strings, this only happens when you have several hundred PK3 files
  • Added Q3Space-CTF, a 2 on 2 CTF modification of Q3Tourney6
  • Updated bot behaviour to work better with the platform in Q3Space-CTF
  • Turn off floating point exceptions ( fixes potential crash right after startup )
  • Fixed unpure client bug when levelshots loaded out of secondary pk3 files
  • Fixed connection issues for pure clients
  • Fixed invisible player bug when clients connected during downloads

1.16j (2-22-00)

  • Zombie/Ghost unpure clients no longer remain connected.
  • Recursive File System error corrected when running mods with logfile set to 1
  • The Auto-download rate is controlled by ‘sv-maxRate’, specify this value in bytes per second. The maximum band rate caps out around 25K per second.

1.16i (2-19-00)

  • fixed CD Key Security Hole
  • When you type your CD Key in, the letters and numbers will appear as they normally would. If you leave the screen and return at a later time, blank spaces replace all the characters.

1.16h (2-17-00)

  • fixed splash damage trading armor for health bug
  • fixed hang at gamestate/snapshot when server restarts during long map load
  • fixed auto-download time remaining bug
  • fixed callvote exploit
  • fixed no longer take falling damage when wearing the powersuit
  • fixed no longer able to do damage with the gauntlet while in chat/console mode
  • fixed curve lod’s are more correctly represented in certain cases
  • fixed win32 executable will recognize a Linux Q3A cd
  • fixed dll’s load from fs-game path
  • added min/max pings to server settings
  • added ping information to server browser
  • added mod ui
  • added auto-downloading
  • added allow downloads to menu
  • added cl-paks only sent to pure servers
  • added make sure file system restarts if a pk3 was auto-downloaded
  • added server browsers shows mod running

0.41 (1-19-00) [internal 1.141?]

  • Added known issues with A3d
  • Updated nVidia driver information

0.4 (1-7-00) [internal 1.14?]

  • Added new features list and fixed bug list.

0.3 (12-30-99) [internal 1.13?]

  • Added “Why does the game sometimes crash if we callvote to another level while playing CTF?”

0.2 (12-29-99) [internal 1.12?]

  • Added “I’m dropped back to the menu when the server changes levels”
  • Added “I’m getting stuck at Awaiting Snapshot…”
  • Added “I’m getting stuck at Awaiting Gamestate…”

0.1 (12-29-99) [internal 1.11?]

  • Initial Release
  • Retail release (12-2-99)
  • Q3Demo (12-3-99)
  • Q3 goes “gold” (11/24/99)

1.11 Q3Test (11/24/99)

  • Final Q3Test

1.10 Q3Test (?-?-??)

  • Only released for Linux?
  • q3demoTEST-1.10-5.i386.rpm

1.09 Q3Test (11/15/99)

1.08 Q3Test (8-3-99)

  • Bots can no longer be enabled

1.07 Q3Test (7-24-99)

1.06 Q3Test (7-19-99)

1.05 Q3Test (4-24-99)

  • Initial Release
  • Requirements: Pentium-90, Windows 95/98, 16MB, DirectX Drivers, OpenGL accelerator
  • Bots can be enabled with cheats
  • Server version seems to be 1.03, released on same date

IHV Leak (March 1999)

  • ATI leaked Quake 3, oops!
  • This was a functional version of the engine with a textured level and working guns.
  • The IHV contained all the weapons that would make it into the final game although most were not fully modelled; a chainsaw and grappling hook were also in the IHV but did not make it into the final release.

Originally post by Corpse on the old phpbb forum. There were other posts regarding leaks and exact version numbers of pre-release versions.

Sorry for bumping and double posting but this Change & Version History Log is incorrect. You must be guessing the Version History and changes.

===Alpha/IHV Leak===

4.00 (Quake III Arena IHV Leak)


1.03 Update



Please take note that in the Retail Version Log I may have missed a few, but it is more accurate than the one the OP posted - sorry if I insulted and/or flamed you.