Properly Compiled but won't run after copying game data

I downloaded the latest packaged source code and compiled it with no issue and then copied the AVP data from my Alien Versus Predator gold edition disc. When trying to run the game it creates the ~/.avp directory and then opens a window briefly then crashes simply printed “segmentation fault”.

I’m using Trisquel GNU/Linux 7 64-bit edition which is based on Ubuntu 14.04.

Any ideas on the best way to troubleshoot this?

Hi, I haven’t worked with avp at all. Try making a debug build by changing CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE to Debug using ccmake or whatever CMake front-end you prefer. Then rebuild the game and run it in gdb (GNU debugger).

user@host:~$ gdb ./path/to/avp-executable
(gdb) run
after the crash
(gdb) backtrace
(gdb) Quit

It should print the line of code where the crash happens and how it got there. Hope this helps.

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Thanks @zturtleman I will give that a try and report back with what I find.

I feel like a shrub.

I had a valid compile but the problem was related to my game data and the DRM on the disc. I copied the data and renamed it to all lower case characters but it was not usable until it was unlocked from the DRM scheme on the Gold version discs. I had to hunt down a windows machine and install the software then copy the data from there. After doing that the game plays wonderfully.

Thanks for your suggestion and had the compile gone wrong I think it would have been a very helpful suggestion.

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