Problems with compilation of the code in Linux

Well. Just for explanation, my english isn’t so good, I’m brazilian, so, sorry for something wrong.

I’m having some problems while compiling the source code. I’m using Linux (more accurately OpenSuse 13.2), and using gcc. I’ve created a dir named Source-codes, and placed there the sources. When I do the make command on it, it goes building, until it stops saying it couldn’t find the “SDL.h” library, and some others which are in code/SDL2. Then I changed those includes, to a full path of these libs, “/home/…/SDL2/SDL.h”. But it again doesn’t build. Says that has some undefined functions. Maybe it’s just a directory problem? Or I need something more? I’ve searched and already has the libSDL, which includes those SDL libs. But it does not detects it…
If someone could help me, I’ll be very grateful.
From now, thanks.

There’s no need to specify the full path of the SDL.h file or other header files. Please install the libSDL2-devel package from opensuse: and paste the full output of a failed compilation to and then give us the link to the pastebin.

Well, thank you very much! I just needed to install this package, and it just worked fine! No errors. But crazy mods were done! Thanks.

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