pak0.pk3 file wasn't detected on linux

Hi I’m trying to install quake 3 arena on Linux using ioquake. I have done everything properly according to installation guide. I have copied pak0.pk3 file into right directory but when I tried to start the game it said that pak0.pk3 file is missing. I used pak0.pk3 file from windows version on Linux. Could that be the issue?

The pak0.pk3 is the same across versions, can you take a screenshot of either a terminal window displaying the location (pwd and ls -lha) or a file manager doing the same?

Could be an issue with permissions, sometimes files get copied from windows with weird permissions that prevent them from being read by some programs.

One last thing to check, the md5 for pak0 must be 1197ca3df1e65f3c380f8abc10ca43bf

thank you for quick reply here is some information you suggested me to provide:

…as a new user a can post only two links so third picture is in next post

but it seems that checksum of file is the issue. This is checksum of my pak0.pk3 52b5eb6acb101e1518d0dba0a7b24b1a which is apparently different from what it should be.
What are the possibilities.

Third picture

The permissions look fine, so I can’t be sure why it isn’t working other than it being a pirated copy (which we can’t and won’t support) or it being mangled in transmission somehow (bad ram, corrupt filesystem, corrupted copy from the disc. The only way to fix it is with a working copy from Steam or a disc… You can still play other free games made with ioquake3 that are listed here.