OpenGL renderer 2: Underwater / NightVision conflict

Hi, I’ve updated from the latest stable build to the latest test build and enabled the OpenGL renderer 2. It all looks very nice, but when I select NightVision in a mod we’re always playing (Reaction Quake 3) it looks the same as being under water in the new renderer.

This leaves two options:

  1. it’s only fixable within the mod itself because the code used for the nightvision is partly the same as the underwater code
  2. it’s fixable in ioquake3

If it’s only fixable within the mod itself could there be an option to disable underwater blurring? It makes the NightVision item unusable and that’s a too important item for us to be able to use the opengl renderer 2 right now, and I’m not in the position to make any changes to the mod itself.

Here are a couple of images to show the difference between the old and new renderer:

Thanks for your time and I really love the work done.

So I spoke with the authors of Reaction and turns out, the effect was changed for the opengl2 renderer on purpose.

Just so I understand you correctly: it’s on purpose the NightVision has become completely blurred like in last picture? I don’t believe anyone wants to play a game continuously with such graphics and I don’t understand the logic of it. Do you know the reason behind it by any chance? Public development has been halted since somewhere in 2012.

Thanks for finding this out by the way.

Yes it is on purpose. There actually has been more development as recently as three months ago: