New filesystem project


I do have test builds for Windows:

It isn’t currently 100% up to date with the most recent updates, but it should be fine for the most part.


OK, sorry, I din’t found them myself :frowning:


I tried yesterday.
On a blank Quake 3 1.32 with classic official ioquake 3, then copying your files over this…

couldn’t find a difference…

I dropped a bi-hundred of quake bot/models, and the menu only displayed until “M” modelnames…
I did the same with levels/maps, and only a 1/4 displayed in menus…


Is there a way to check If the mod is well loaded?
I try toi hit [²] to call console as usually, and never pops…
same problem on basic ioqueka3 installation, that menu has been changed to another [touch] ??
can’t find how to get It in readme or wikis either…


This project doesn’t currently change the map and model limits in the UI, as that is dependent on the mod you are running. You will need to load maps and models explicitly by using the /map and /model commands if you have a lot installed.

There are sometimes issues with the console key in ioquake3. Try using Shift + ESC to open the console instead.