My ioquake3 Android port is the best!11

Google Play, binaries and sources

It’s a port of OpenArena, but it can run other mods (including original Quake3’), although to have that nice 3-rd person camera, you’ll need to use cgame.qvm from OpenArena (from pak7-android.pk3 to be exact).
It supports 5 touchscreen control schemes, gyroscope aiming, gamepads/SHIELD, and voice chat. The only thing it does not support is the mouse, because of technical limitations of Android. There is another ioquake3 Android port, called QIII4A, which supports mouse on rooted devices, but my port is still better :smiley:

Cool, is your port on google play?

Yes, here it is:

very cool, I’d love to have someone working on merging this kind of interface improvement for mobile and other touch-appropriate stuff working on ioquake3 directly.

Please think about how this would work if merged with ioquake3 for touch screen devices of all kinds and we’d be happy to have your pull requests on github!

Do you need the gameplay changes my third-person camera introduces? Please look here: