More maps than you can shake a stick at

it is my pleasure to bring to your attention that there is another map
database, which you may include to this website’s list of map links.
it is, Worldspawn Archive
here there are frequently new maps posted by some of the Q3 and QuakeLive
communities which are still alive and active today (as of 2024)
also including maps for 24 different mods ,
including most of the mods / games listed on this website.
as of today’s date there are 18,615 maps here, and new posts often.
the database has a search engine, Search - Worldspawn
with search filters so that you can
quickly find maps by name, partial name, author, year, mod, 21 game-types,
and items or functions found within the map itself.
the search results feature carefully curated thumbnails and level-shots
of (most) maps, making recognition very much more easy.
—i make maps and post them there myself and i am very happy with
with the dedication and upkeep provided to the community,
which is definately helping to keep Q3 alive,
and that is precisely why i have written this here.
thank you ioq3 team and staff

  • im sorry if there was a better place post this, i am really a forum noob : /