MacOS Mouse Acceleration

Firstly, ioquake is friggen awesome, but I am having some weird issues with mouse input.
I know that traditionally MacOS has had some weird mouse stuff going on and has required using an app to disable accel or something similar.

I have tried USB Overdrive and SteerMouse and can’t seem to get it to quite be how my brain remembers. I was using a Logitech MX Master (BT). Does anyone know if there are any other cvars like in_mouse or particular settings in the OS or 3rd party apps I need to use to make sure that the input on MacOS is optimal?

I am currently on Catalina x86. Also is there a good way to test and calibrate this, like an app designed to do mouse targetting practise while tweaking settings to find that optimal config?

I have the exact same issue and I’ve noted it immediately when I’ve switched from Windows to OSX. The only solution I’ve found making me close to happy was the following:

Check your current settings in a terminal with:

defaults read .GlobalPreferences

Turn off acceleration with

defaults write .GlobalPreferences -1

It might be possible if you run a mouse management tool the setting changes and doesn’t survive reboots or replugging your mouse. The ExactMouse tool might help you here to make sure the setting stays that way.

If you want to revert the setting just into the System Preferences and change the mouse sensitivity. Hope this helps.

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You my friend are a legend. In googling I also found this great SO thread which mentions some other settings in various tools etc: How do I disable mouse acceleration AND adjust tracking speed in High Sierra? - Ask Different

I will be experimenting with this later tonight to see if I can get rid of the random janky feeling I was getting preventing me from flick rails.